We can also obviously suggest you many seasonal desserts such as :

  • Ice-cream or Sorbets (3 bowls)
  • Coupe Colonel
    (lemon ice cream, vodka)
  • Pineapple Melba
    (Vanilla ice cream, pineapple sorbet, fresh pineapple, fruit coulis, chantilly)
  • Coupe exotique
    (coconut ice cream, passion fruit, fresh fruits, chantilly)
  • Coupe rouge passion
    (blueberry and raspberry sorbet, red berries, homemade coulis, chantilly)
  • Dame Blanche
    (vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate)
  • Bolet de Courbaton : a true local must-see :  the king mushroom from our forests presented as a real tasty dessert  ! Don't miss it!
    (Almond tuile, vanilla ice cream, meringue, hot chocolate)
  • Iced Meringue
    (vanilla ice cream, meringue, chantilly)
  • Café or choclat liégeois
    (coffee or chocolate ice cream, coffee or chocolate cream, chantilly)
  • Banana split
    (vanilla ice cream, chocolate, strawberry, banana, hot chocolate, chantilly)

Our goal

To bring you the best of Savoie culinary specialties within a cozy, warm and family-like environment, well-suited for enjoying a relaxing moment after a long day of sporting events, in winter or during summertime.


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In search of a restaurant not too far from Bourg Saint Maurice train station to go back to Paris, we came across this restaurant and what a luck!! The location is great (the lady who greeted and served us is absolutely lovely), beautiful interior and tasty food !!!! Good luck to this restaurant.




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