A wide choice of various cold and hot drinks.

All brands indicated below belong to their manufacturers.

  • Aperitifs
    • Kir
    • Anisés, Pastis, Ricard
    • Suze, Martini, Campari
    • Muscat, Porto
    • Vins de Savoie blancs
    • Vin blanc de Gascogne
    • Americano maison
  • Whiskies
    • Portland
    • J&B
    • Johnny Walker
  • Premium Whiskies
    • Jameson, Chivas
    • Glenfiddish, Bushmills
    • Jack Daniels, Bourbon
  • Beers
    • Demi-pression
    • Baron
    • Blanche du Mont Blanc
  • Spirits
    • Cognac
    • Armagnac, calvados
    • White: poire, mirabelle
    • Marc de Savoie
    • Gin, vodka
  • Spirits
    • Marie Brizard
    • Get 27, Fernet Branca
    • Genépi, Cointreau
    • Grand Marnier
    • Limoncello, Amaretto
  • Cold Drinks, sodas
    • Sirops à l'eau
    • Jus de fruits (ananas, orange, abricot, pamplemousse, pomme)
    • Coca, Orangina
    • Sweppes, Ice Tea, 1/4 Perrier (sirop ou tranche)
    • Badoit, Evian,
    • Limonade
    • Diabolos
  • Hot Drinks
    • Infusions
    • Thés
    • Café
    • Grand café
    • Grand café avec lait
    • Cappucino
    • Chocolat

Our Goal

To bring you the best of Savoie culinary specialties within a cozy, warm and family-like environment, well-suited for enjoying a relaxing moment after a long day of sporting events, in winter or during summertime.


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Despite the fact that we did not book a table, a very nice lady warmly welcomed us.A beautiful atmosphere emerges from the place, largely due to the different members of the team The food was excellent from appetizer to dessert. I absolutely recommend it (and especially the pierrade and its gratin which was really very good)

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