Raclette is a Swiss cheese (Valais) made out of cow milk which is pressed and not cooked. Today, pasteurized raclette cheese is made in France in Auvergne, Savoie, Franche-Comte, Brittany and many other Swiss regions.

Raclette is made by scraping a half-wheel of cheese melted on its top next to a heat source, or by melting the cheese with different other means. Serve it with additional deli and green salad and you will get a rich meal, especially well suited to lunches and dinners following a tough ski day in the coldness of our ski resorts.

May we suggest you two versions of this tasty meal:

  1. Countryside Raclette

    (raclette, potatoes, ham, sausages)
  2. Royal Raclette

    (raclette, potatoes, ham, sausages, dried meat, salad)

Our goal

To bring you the best of Savoie culinary specialties within a cozy, warm and family-like environment, well-suited for enjoying a relaxing moment after a long day of sporting events, in winter or during summertime.


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In search of a restaurant not too far from Bourg Saint Maurice train station to go back to Paris, we came across this restaurant and what a luck!! The location is great (the lady who greeted and served us is absolutely lovely), beautiful interior and tasty food !!!! Good luck to this restaurant.




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